Born in Osaka.

Started performing out of a movable “Ninja Truck” by the name “One Little Traveler” in 2009. While traveling around Japan, tried to gather enough money for a world trip.

In 2012, he still did not have enough money for his trip, but decided to go anyway.

With just a duck-mask that he got as a going away present from a friend, a guitar and a tambourine, he managed to finish his trip around the world in 2013 by busking to fund his travels.

After returning to Japan, he appeared on TV, on the radio and also improved the quality of his performance to show to Japanese and foreign audiences.

Also after his world trip, he was invited to speak at his old junior high school and give a presentation in Singapore. He also started performing at weddings, elementary schools, and kindergartens, etc.

On July 18, 2017, published a book, “Oreikushi! Busking trip around the world “, detailing his world travel.

At the same time he managed to get 112% backing to crowd fund a “busking car”, a car with a stage to perform on. With this car he successfully completed a tour around Japan.

He’s one performer to watch to either blow up on Twitter or show up unexpectedly in your town with his busking car.